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eurykrates and other haters

2010-04-26 10:40:53 by tekrano

due too haters im going too rusunmit all my tracks (which are good) and try too get a blocking from voting button made for the community, comment if youve been the subject of unreasonable 0 bombers and haters

ive been busy

2010-04-21 19:02:16 by tekrano

watching awesome flash animations and playing left4dead :P so i havent really had time or inspiration too make anything but i whipped this up for you in an hour or so enjoy! (this is a very soft thinking track much ulike my other works) /327209

new song is coming :3

2010-04-08 11:31:37 by tekrano

im workin on a new song as we speak that im gonna make more epic more serious and more amazing than any other ive made before and as you read this im working on it. and will be for the next 2o hours :P

im pissed

2010-04-04 08:02:20 by tekrano

now then my last tweo tracks i think have been up too standard and people have reviewed and given thei judgement but after a day of them being up someone has come along and bombed them now i wanna know who's bombing my tracks, if its you kanubi then im not surprised

yay! ^^

2010-03-14 05:38:16 by tekrano

tracks are up should have another up by the end of the day yay!

and it STILL hasnt shown u[p no offensive language jus a dance remix of pachelbels canon so why hasnt it uploaded yet >:(


2010-02-17 16:08:16 by tekrano

i submitted a track 4 days ago and IM STILL BEING MODERATED FOR APPROVAL on my other account it took me half a day too be approved this is jus bullshat


2010-02-09 16:20:28 by tekrano

windows 7+audigy soundcard do not go well but i fixed the prob and now i shuld be producin soon :)
leo get your flash ready ^^

bloody amp

2010-02-09 13:39:32 by tekrano

my bloody stupid amp has decided to echo and reeverb everything so now it sounds crap and i cant change it :'(

so, back again after switching computers chanmging everythin gettin a new mixer and amp and setup and new fl and new account :) ill be producing soon jus let me eat my cake first :3